Wednesday, February 14 2007

Newsletter and Art Nook Revamp

The old mailing list has been replaced by a new newsletter that will be sent out every two months. The newsletter will feature site updates and contests as well as store news, coupon codes and special deals. You can join the newsletter by entering your e-mail address into the form at the bottom of the site menu. All members of the old mailing list have been automatically subscribed to the newsletter.

Additionally, I have been redoing the Art Nook to include commentary on artwork as well as larger images. Additionally, I have added a new feature -- the Sketchbook. Updated twice weekly, the sketchbook will showcase sketches, doodles, process work, and anything else I feel might be of interest.

Tuesday, January 30 2007

Recent Updates

I have redone all of the Staff pages complete with new photos. Additionally, I have added a new article about My Personal Litter Setup. More updates to follow.

Wednesday, January 17 2007

Server Change

I'm in the process of switching servers, so if you encounter dead links/images/etc, please let me know. Everything should be fully functional by Friday the 19th.

Saturday, January 6 2007

Site Updates

Having a few weeks off school has allowed me the time to do a little maintenance on the site. I've been doing a lot of tweaking of the site code to make it consistent on most browser. I'm also getting around to a number of backlogged Great Cage Page entries, so if you've submitted a cage and it hasn't been added yet, it should be going up shortly. I'm doing some rewriting of the Staff pages as well, and I'm hoping to add more artwork to the Art Nook. With changes being made, there are bound to be a few broken links and images, so if you stumble across any of these, I'd love for you to let me know.

Tuesday, October 23 2006

New Article and Featured Artist

Two new items have been added to the Articles page. The first is a write-up of the Olive Oil Method of Treating Mites, courtesy of Bill Price on the Ratlist. The second is a Featured Artist interview of rat artist Allie Dee.

Tuesday, October 3 2006

News Page and Articles

I have done a bit more tweaking with the general site layout. Updates can now be found on the News page. I am also going to make a point to post updates to the mailing list on a regular basis. The Editorial page has been transformed into the Articles page, which will be a collection of rat related essays, articles, interviews and writings. Along with the Articles page, a new addition to Better Holes and Garbage is the Featured Artist page. Periodically I will interview an artist who features or incorporates rats in their art. If you are or know of a ratcentric artist that you would like to see included in the Featured Artist segment, please e-mail me.

Monday, August 21 2006

Better Holes and Garbage V2.0

Well, it took almost a straight week of rewriting and arranging, but Better Holes and Garbage has been given a facelift. I'm hoping the new layout will be much cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous incarnation. I've also attempted to standardize everything a bit more.

You may notice a few changes in the featured pages as well. I've gotten rid of the "Home Decor" section, and expanded the Staff page to have individual pages for each staff member. I've also added a very important part-- the Rat Hunter Diaries-- check it out for more information. (No rats were harmed in the making of the Rat Hunter Diaries). Finally, I have opened up a Cafepress store to sell my designs on t-shirts and other products-- so if you're looking for a great ratty gift or collectable, be sure to check it out.

Finally, I just wanted to let everyone know that all the page extensions have been changed from .php to .html -- so if you have any pages other than the index bookmarked or linked to, those links will be broken. Sorry. Also, if you find any broken links that -should- be working, please let me know about those. Thanks again for all your patience!

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