There are a multitude of Fancy Rat websites out there. I do not claim that mine is the biggest or the best or anything like that. It all started with the Great Cage Page. One of my favorite past-times is to browse the internet, looking at different layouts of different cages and dreaming that they someday might be my own. Why not, I asked myself, compile all these images and layouts into one page?

Then I thought to myself, why stop there? Why not throw together my experiences and insights on rat ownership so that they will be available to anyone? Thus, Better Holes and Garbage was born (with apologies to Better Homes and Gardens).

New to Rats?

If you're just getting into rats for the first time, congratulations! Rats are intelligent, friendly animals that make excellent pets. There are plenty of websites out there that explain the basics of rat care (which is why I'm not going to repeat them here). Just check out the Resources page.

Not Into Rats?

Possibly you stumbled upon this page by mistake while looking to answers on caring for your home and garden. While I can't help you bake the perfect birthday cake or get that nasty wine stain out of your rug, I might be able to open your mind to the Wonderful World of Rats. Fancy Rats are steadily gaining popularity as pets with people of all ages and genders. They are clean (many can be trained to use a litterbox) and sociable creatures, and have often been compared to miniature lapdogs. So why not take a look around the site? It'll only take a little bit of your time, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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