Searching out rodents across the globe

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Rats: In the News!

A few weeks ago I posted about Gambian Rats and just recently they've been featured in a news article.

Giant rats smell out buried landmines

The concept of training rats to sniff out landmines isn't a new one, but I love this article because it has a great photo of a beautiful Gambian being lead on a leash. Once again proof that rats aren't pests; they're intelligent, useful creatures.

And so darn cute!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Travelin' Rat

I created this blog with the purpose of 'seeking out rats across the globe', whether that be my own back courtyard, or the subways of Chicago, or anything in between. Lately I haven't gotten up to much traveling, so I have to settle for rat hunting via internet, and unfortunately the pickings have been fairly slim.

Until today, when I randomly stumbled across the blog of Ramblin' Woody Rat. Woody Rat is an adorable stuffed rat that travels across the world, posting photos and accounts of his travels. It's a fun and entertaining blog, and the little rat is absolutely adorable!

It really gives the term 'seeking out rats across the globe' a whole new meaning.