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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


In Pursuit of Rattyness

I cannot go anywhere without seeking out rats. It's my nature. The entire two weeks I spent in Hawaii I kept my eyes peeled for rats. Alas, I did not see any of the living kind, although I did stock up on some ratty souvenirs.

Painted Rat Keychain
Woven thread and painted glass bead
Acquired from Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Aiea
Price: $4
8 1/2" long

Brass Rat Keychain
Brass with bell
Acquired from Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu
Price: $5
3" long

Zodiac Rat Statue
Carved wood
Acquired from Chinatown
Price: $8
3" tall

Wooden Rat Comb
Carved wooden comb
Acquired from Chinatown
Price: $8.50
6 1/2" tall

Glass Rats
Hand sculpted glass
Acquired from Chinatown
Price: $5
1/2" tall

Clay Rat
Painted clay
Acquired from Pricebusters, Pearl Ridge Shopping Center
Price: $2
1" tall

Zodiac Rat Pen
Ballpoint pen with hula rat
Acquired from Pricebusters, Pearl Ridge Shopping Center
Price: $2
5" tall

This blog entry was featured in the Carnival of Aloha, a wonderful collection of blogs from and about Hawaii. Thanks goes to the Homespun Honolulu crew for putting this together and including the Rat Hunter Diaries.

Discovered your blog from blog carnival of aloha which I am also participating in:)

I think you were able to find lots of rat souvenirs because of the large Asian population and people who follow the Chinese zodiac calendar. You should come back to Hawaii during the next year of the rat, there will be t shirts and lots of other stuff to buy!
HVG has a great idea there! I just stood up to look at the Chinese calendar... OMG... the next year of the Rat is, guess when?!? Tee hee hee... 2008! Come after the middle of February! This is great! Sophielynette, you couldn't have timed this one better if you tried! See you in a few months! Thank you for sharing your finds and your... friends with us! :)
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