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Thursday, April 19, 2007


The Running of the Rats

Kentucky is practically my own backyard, but I don't pay much attention to it. Occasionally I'll venture across the Ohio River to visit the mall or the movie theater, but for the most part I'll stick to my state. There's a strange rivalry between Ohio and Kentucky, like neighboring schools, but what really do I know about it? I know about Kentucky blue grass, the Kentucky Derby, and a few less savory rumors.

Had I known about the rats, I might have ventured there more often. As it turns out, Spalding University, in Louisville Kentucky, hosts an annual Rat Week, including a parade, contests, and the Running of the Rodents, a sort of parody/homage to the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, I've missed the event for this year, but I'm definitely marking it on my calendar for next year.

Running of the Rodents
Lining up for the Rat Race in Louisville, Kentucky (1997)
The Running of the Rodents (2005)

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