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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Happy World Rat Day!

Every year on April 4th, Rat Lovers around the world celebrate World Rat Day. Some gather together for food and fun, others send cards, still others plan elaborate festivals complete with games and prizes.

I baked cookies. Armed with a card proclaiming "Happy World Rat Day!" I made my way to school and wandered the halls greeting everyone I saw and tempting them with cookies. Most were intrigued; a few thought I'd created the holiday myself, but I assured them, I did not.

World Rat Day was created five years ago by the Ratlist mailing list as a way to both celebrate rats and inform others of their great attributes. The holiday has become very popular among rat fanciers and even made the news back in 2006. To read more about World Rat Day, visit the official website or join the mailing list.

If anyone has any photos or stories to share, e-mail me at and I'll post them on the next entry in the Rat Hunter Diaries!

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