Searching out rodents across the globe

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Special Halloween Edition

As Easter is to bunnies, so is Halloween to rats, except for the most part they aren't portrayed as cute or cuddly. Ever openminded, I enjoy seeking out the cheesiest of Halloween rat decor (pardon the pun). Wanna have a Ratty Halloween? Check this stuff out.


I'd had every intention of trolling the city for the cheesiest, most ridiculous rat halloween decorations, but unfortunatly I had a bad habit of forgetting my camera when I went out. Shame on me! However, I did find this ridiculous rat at CVS.

It looks like a big ball of lint with claws.

Also view this beautiful rat pumpkin, carved by comic artist Jin Wicked.


Love a rat in costume? Check out the awesome Costume Gallery at RatRaisins, Inc.

My own rats have suffered through the indignity of costumes. Witness Morgenstern modeling a top hat:

And a lion's mane:

And finally a kilt:


Poor rats, they always seem to bring about the corniest of low budget horror movies. Pop some popcorn and prepare for a good laugh with these flicks. (An asterick denotes films I've actually seen).

Rats (2003)
A hospital for the criminally insane, mad scientists, and supernatural rats, what more could you want?

Rats - Notte di terrore (1984)
A futuristic flick featuring bikers and flesh eating rats.

*Willard (2003)
This is one of my personal favorites, about a socially awkward man who befriends a hoarde of rats and trains them to kill. There are actually a few touching moments, but also plenty of gore for those who aren't into sentiment.

Willard (1971)
The original version, based on the novel The Ratman Diaries. The sequel was Ben (1972), made famous by the Michael Jackson song.

The Rats (2002)
I'm rather humored by the cover image, which shows a snarling, fanged rat. Rats don't have fangs!

*Altered Species (2001)
It's listed as Altered Species, but when I rented it, the movie was Rodentz. Another instance of lab experimentation gone wrong, coupled with a crew of idiotic high school kids. I was only able to watch half before I had to switch it off due to sheer cheesiness.

*The Princess Bride (1987)
Neither a horror movie nor a movie specifically about rats, I had to include this sheerly for the Rodents of Unusual Size!

That's all for this Halloween Special. Have a very Ratty Halloween!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Rats and Beer

Just when I think I've seen all the internet has to offer for rats, I'll stumble across something new and simply wonderful. In a search for rat exterminators (fear not, the Trash Rats are safe-- it's for an art project) I stumbled across the Vermin Brewing website. At first I thought it was just a spoof, but some further exploration has shown that this really is a website devoted to rats and beer. Bizarre.. but a lot of fun!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Enter the Cold

I can't say I'm getting better at wild rat photography. Still grainy and mostly ratbutts. But those are cute little rat butts.

Earlier I had been debating whether or not I should catch and rehome the trash rats. Over the past few days, however, the temperature has dropped considerably. I've read cautions about rehoming wild rats in low temperatures-- not just out of compassion, but for the fact that rats dig burrows, but will be unable to if the ground is frozen. Since I have no desire (ok, some desire) to keep a cageful of wild rats in my apartment while I wait for the weather to break, I'm going to abandon the plan for the time being. However, Cincinnati has quirky weather, so we could have another warm patch before long. You never know. Either way, I still need to get some humane traps. And if the rehoming is indeed to be successful, my neighbors need to learn how to actually put their trash in the trash can with a lid on. It's a simple concept, but some people just don't get it.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Rats Gone Wild

I've yet to get any quality pictures, as most have to be cropped a good deal to focus on the actual rat (I never have time to zoom). The Trash Rats are fast, but I've noticed the babies are a bit slower than the adults.

This little guy had something in his mouth

Dissapearing into "the mysterious hole"

Running across the trash cans


Trash Rats Live!

No, that's not trash rats, Live! as in Saturday Night Live or Live! In Concert! Rather, the Trash Rats are alive, and I'm happy about it. Once again, it just took me letting down my guard and not looking for the rats.

I went to take my trash earlier, not even expecting them anymore-- but as I rounded the wall to the trash nook, a fat rat scuttled out from under a trash can into the mysterious hole. Grinning, I called a greeting, then casually glanced into the trash can, and there was a baby rat, sitting on the narrow end of a pizza box, mere inches from me. He just sat there staring, and I stared back, half tempted to reach for him regardless of what he might be carrying, but then he dissapeared down into the debris, leaving me to deposit my trash and be on my merry way with a big smile on my face.

Just a reminder that I need to carry my camera with me at all times.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Rats in the News

I haven't seen or heard a peep from the Trash Rats in five days; ironic, being that my last post was worrying about their overpresence. I'm partially relieved, but more than a little concerned. I'm not sure if they've taken my advice (which would be simultenously astonishing and creepy) or if my landlord has taken steps against them. Do baby rats leave the nest like baby birds? Perhaps they've just moved on. Either way, it's lonely in the courtyard now.

I needed a rat fix, so I did a search for "rats" on Yahoo! News. A lot of political articles were brought up (what an insult to rats) but I did manage to find this cute little article about a rat show in Washington.